This site was created to fulfill a course requirement for the spring 2011 practicum (LIS-0698) at Pratt Institute's School of Information and Library Science (apparently now simply called the School of Information Science). Back then I was in school full time for my master's degree, interning at the Brooklyn Museum, teaching English at a two-year college, and working part time in high-end retail and at a taco joint (remember, this is New York City.) So this blog happened only because I had to do it. The original posts documented a semester of my cataloging work at the internship. Much much later, I repurposed the site as a place to write about things I found in the archives at work, lectures and exhibits I attended, and all sorts of book-ish, library-ish, museum-y, information theory stuff. Maybe most importantly, because everything lives on the internet now, this site is a collection of links: to the places, people, and projects I encounter and want to remember how to find again.

Plate 20: untitled designs
Seguy, E.A.
Insectes : vingt planches en phototypie 
coloriées au patron, donnant quatre-vingt 
insectes et seize compositions décoratives.
Brooklyn Museum Libraries, 
Special Collections
No. NK1553 Se3